As a certified service provider we specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet our customers needs.  We provide low cost solutions combined with fast reliable service.  Our Knowledge of equipment is of the highest standards and backed by years of experience.  Let us be your one stop solution for everything fitness. 


Our knowledge and expertise can get your broken equipment up and running in no time.  We can diagnose many issues over the phone and make most repairs on first trip. Call us and get your equipment repaired right the first time.   


Is your equipment old and dated? Thinking about trading in or buying new? don't have the budget to buy new equipment? let us Re-Manufacture your current equipment and make it look just like new. We can customize equipment with different colored frames and custom decals or graphics. 


Preventive Maintenance is recommended by every manufacture as the best way to keep equipment in good running condition and extending the life of equipment by 40% while also reducing costly repairs. 


When electronics, motors, rollers, and other parts fail most techs will order new from manufacture.  This can become extremely costly for consumer.  We can repair existing electronics and rebuild all motors, rollers, generators, and assemblies.  This saves time and up to 75% from buying new parts.


Is your equipment running correctly but just needs a check up? We can clean, inspect, lubricate, and adjust your equipment to meet factory recommended service protocol.  This will insure proper wear and safe use of equipment.


Choosing the correct parts can be very important.  Some techs use cheap quality parts to save money and make more profit.  We only use name brand high quality parts.  Our parts meet or exceed factory specs.  We also carry a large inventory to reduce down time for customers.